Chaya Sorscher-Levi Auditory-Verbal, Speech Language Pathologist

(973)777­-9391 Passaic, NJ

About AVT

Auditory Verbal practice is a model of communication and intervention for children with hearing impairments. It involves individual diagnostic sessions emphasizing the use of hearing technology in optimal and meaningful conditions. The aim of the therapy is to acquire listening as a primary modality to developing spoken language. To do this, an AV Therapist will focus on five areas; audition, speech, language, cognition, and communication.

The Auditory Verbal approach embraces the view that children learn language most easily when actively engaged in relaxed meaningful interactions with supportive parents and caregivers. Therefore, therapeutic interventions must be family centered in order to be optimally effective. In Auditory Verbal sessions, parents need to participate and practice in order to learn techniques for stimulating speech, language, cognition, and communication activities at home