Chaya Sorscher-Levi Auditory-Verbal, Speech Language Pathologist

(973)777­-9391 Passaic, NJ


"I have worked with Chaya for four years and each time we meet I am amazed anew at her professional expertise and wonderful personality. As a resource room director, I have dealt with many professionals over the years, thus I know to appreciate her value. Her consults are extremely informative; however the best part is that she maintains the focus on the practical aspects as opposed to dwelling on theory which makes her time used wisely. She is well liked and trusted by the parents, principals, and teachers.

Another valuable gain is that she collaborates with other professionals servicing the students so that everyone works in cooperation. The therapists value her input and feel that they have gained tremendously in understanding the needs and different approaches so vital to their hearing impaired students.".

Chanie N. Resource Room Director, UTA

"Once your child is in speech therapy with Chaya, you can rest easy knowing that they are in exceedingly capable and caring hands. In a field of many speech therapists, Chaya truly stands apart. She is very bright, very creative and keeps sessions moving forward. She never rests on her laurels and continues to set high expectations and goals for your child.

We have a special situation as my child was implanted late based on today's standards and was a complicated case. I truly do not think that he would have been able to use his CI as effectively as he does without Chaya's diligent, persistent and committed work together. She is always been available to me as well whether I have needed clarification or just to strategize about a way forward. She is caring and she is very good at what she does. I wholeheartedly can recommend Chaya Sorcher-Levi for your child's speech therapy needs. You will not only, not be disappointed, you will be a participant in their language acquisition while being coached by one of the best in the field".


"My children, now 4 and 7, were born with profound hearing loss. They hear with cochlear implants and are thriving in the mainstream due, in a large part, to an extraordinary team of people like Chaya. Chaya provided individual speech services for my children from infancy (early intervention) to school age. She was instrumental in their language development. Chaya always had toys or project ideas to keep speech fun and the kids engaged yet she was also quite effective at establishing boundaries. My kids have very different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Chaya effectively used different techniques to address their specific needs. She was dedicated to professional development and interested in learning different methods to help kids with different needs. We will miss her and wish her luck in her new practice! ".

Lisa Vasanth

"We cannot recommend Chaya highly enough! Chaya worked wonders for our son in a relatively short amount of time. We saw significant progress very early in his treatment. She found ways to keep him both engaged and challenged. Chaya does not take a "one size fits all" approach to therapy. Instead, Chaya sought out methods and techniques that worked for OUR son.".